Book Clubs

The River and The Sea

James Ferron Anderson is available to visit book clubs who have read The River and The Sea and discuss the book, in person if possible, otherwise by phone or Skype.

Here are some questions book clubs might like to discuss after reading The River and The Sea

  1. Was The River and The Sea the kind of book you expected it to be? If it wasn’t did that detract or add to your enjoyment?
  2. Was it a good idea to open in the cabin in the North, the action of the love affair already in the past? Would it have been better to have told the story chronologically?
  3. Was this desert area of Canada familiar to you? And the frozen North? How did that feel?
  4. How realistic were the events and incidents? Did you feel you were experiencing the time and the places in which the book is set?
  5. Did you like Sarah and Jack? And Edward, and Harry? How much did this make you like or dislike the book?
  6. Did any of the characters do anything that you think you would not do in similar circumstances, like Sarah keeping the farm on for so long, or her friend Susan finally fleeing the area?
  7. Is the Thompson River a character in the book? The town of Footner? And the Thelon River? How important are locations in this book?
  8. What are some of the book’s themes? Does it say anything about the British Empire, colonialism, or attitudes to class and race?
  9. What did you think of the ending? What did happen to Sarah and Hector? Was it what you expected?
  10. How would you sum up The River and The Sea for other readers? Would you recommend it, and if so why?

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