The River and The Sea

Praise for The River and The Sea

The River and the Sea is one of those unexpected delights: I was engaged in the story from the very first line of the opening chapter; the plot really works, it races along and I couldn’t put it down. The style is unusual, the descriptions so vivid, particularly of life in the arctic regions, that I felt I was living it as I read. Footner, the small, half abandoned town, dependent on the leaking flume to supply the water from twenty miles away for its orchards, but with all its menfolk gone to war, is beautifully brought to life. The two story lines come together seamlessly and the denouement leaves one wishing the story hadn’t ended. The River and the Sea  really deserves to be on the best seller list for the pure pleasure it gives to the reader.”
Dame Gillian Wagner, author Barnardo, Children of the Empire, The Chocolate Conscience   

“Anderson’s forte is his atmospheric evocation of the extreme landscapes in which his novel is set. His descriptions of the hardscrabble settlement along the Thompson River and the narrow, desperate lives of the inhabitants who try to scratch a living from its infertile soil is vivid. Grimmer and more memorable still is his description of the doomed fur-trapping expedition and the struggle of Jack and his companions to survive in the wilderness during the relentless cold of the Canadian winter. Weakened by hunger, sick and injured, they leave their cabin on ever briefer, more cursory and hopeless forays in search of food. Their slow starvation is told in bleak and pitiless detail. Anderson writes in a reportorial, ‘hardboiled’ style and his terse staccato style serves this austere material well… the harsh and unforgiving landscapes of Western Canada overwhelm the characters that inhabit them. It is his powerful descriptions of these that will stay with me.”
R. M. Bond Webster, review Eastern Daily Press, 12.01.2013

“I was taken aback at how much I liked this, for the quality of the imagery and themes, the two main characters who create conflict and intrigue.”
Cate Sweeney, author Selfish Jean

“It took me to a time and a place I knew nothing of. Jack and Sarah are strong and clearly drawn together – that classic brought together by circumstance thing, a la Gone With the Wind.
Sam Ruddock, Writers Centre Norwich

“I felt drawn in and soon quite engrossed… quite transported to the Canadian winter. Very atmospheric, very well done.”
Keiron Pim, Literary Editor Eastern Daily Press